Discovering Who We Are

There once stood in Florence a magnificent block of Carrara marble. Standing at over 17 feet tall, it was an imposing block of marble — destined for the sculptor’s hands, there to be turned in to an equally imposing and magnificent work of art. But as the sculptor for whom it was intended set to work, he so badly damaged the great block of marble that it became utterly useless — a tragic waste. For decades artists would come to view the block of marble only to turn away with sorrow because of the loss … Until a 26-year-old came to examine the great stone and saw what no one else had been able to see. And from that magnificent block of marble, Michelangelo sculpted David — the word’s most well-known sculpture and one of mankind’s greatest works of art.

There is a message here for all of us. It begins with looking inward to discover the David within, and then continues with seeing the David in others. It’s a journey, but one we must all take if we are to become what our Creator intended, if we are to experience the sublime, endless joy that comes by discovering and living by the truth of who we are and what we can become.