America at the Crossroads

In a little more than one year from now, Americans will choose between two, fundamentally different and completely incompatible approaches to government — We can continue to grow the size and power of government until it destroys us, or we can return to the Constitutional principles of limited government, maximum freedom, and personal responsibility. One course leads to slavery and death, the other to freedom and life fulfilled as God intended. It is a battle that has been waged since before the foundations of this world were laid. It is a battle for which the ultimate outcome is already known. It is a battle for which there is only one remaining, unanswered question — but an answer to that question will be required of all men and women, individually, whatever their station or status: Will we stand with the forces of darkness and those who would rob us of our freedom, or will we stand with the Creator who has made us free and those who wish to preserve that freedom?